Made In Britain & Found Globally

Every piece of Jewellery you buy from Wanderdusk has a story behind it. It hasn't just rolled on to our site by accident. Bec takes great care to source pieces and recycle gems that need new life, often travelling to. It takes a great amount of time making these boho pieces from scratch, but because we love doing it so friggin much, we don't charge you an arm or leg to get your hands on the end goods. We just love that you wear them with pride on whatever journey you are embarking on.

We only sell what we love, designing and making accessories that we have dreamt up and cannot find anywhere else. You'll always find Bec stacked in rings, even if that does make it trickier handling pliers and twisting wire...

We have always felt it's in the details, and what we wear should reflect our unique qualities. Since there are only a limited collection of each style made or sourced here, you won't find 150 others wearing the same gem, let alone 20. Completely unique. We can even customize!

Long story short, we hope in a year to come you'll look down at your beloved Wanderdusk rings and adornments and all kinds of memories will come flooding back to you from the past year or two... Just like Becky's evoke memories of her adventures and festival frolicks whenever she twiddles them! This is the reason we love giving you complimentary travel pouches, in hope we'll be coming wherever you are going.

'Hand made'. A phrase often annoyingly overused. In our case, if it says hand made, it means it's lovingly designed and crafted with explicit attention to detail in our little bohemian cave (workshop) currently based in Berkshire (we move around lots), ran by Becky.

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