Afterglow Adjustable Cord Natural Blue Kyanite Stone Necklace


Blue Kyanite is known to align the chakras, it is a powerful healing stone with a high vibration. These eye catching pendants are each natural and unique in shape and rugged form with a pearlescent and translucent edge. Kyanite is often used to aid relaxation and is a spiritual, calming mineral - meaning it a great stone for meditation and yogis. These are limited edition, and have been handmade with an adjustable wax cord which can be tightened and worn as a choker or down as low as 20''. We have added a sweet little moon charm to each necklace for a touch of cosmic energy.

Every order over £15 will be specially gift wrapped in our travel worthy Wanderdusk pouches! Perfect for storing your Jewels safely so they will be treasured wherever you venture..