Customisable Sterling Silver Charm Necklace // Bracelet


For the ocean child, wandering heart and dreamer. These simple yet stunning necklaces are handmade in the UK using Fine Sterling Silver Chain and miniature pendants. Customise your necklace to a length of your choice, and choose between a carved Face In The Moon, Clam Shell pendant or lucky Ornate Hamsa Hand. You can also opt for a bracelet option, adjustable to fit all. The perfect present, packaged in our gorgeous Wanderdusk Pouches. 925 Sterling Silver, hallmarked.

These are also now sold out on our thin Silver chain but we adore this bohemian chunky chain.

Measurement Guide:
13''' = Standard Choker Length
14'' = Loose Choker
15'' = Tight Midi Necklace
16'' = Midi Necklace